Former President Barack Obama Joins NBA Africa

Former President Barack Obama has been named a strategic partner with NBA Africa to “help advance the league’s social responsibility efforts across the continent.” Obama will have minority ownership in the organization, which is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“I’ve been impressed by the league’s commitment to Africa, including the leadership shown by so many African players who want to give back to their own countries and communities,” Said Mr. Obama. “That’s why I’m proud to join the team at NBA Africa and look forward to a partnership that benefits the youth of so many countries.”

NBA Africa was created in May, working with the International Basketball Federation. NBA Africa is responsible for the Basketball Africa League (BAL), which is the first internationally operated professional league from the NBA. NBA Africa’s focus is “expanding the NBA’s presence in priority African markets and Africa’s basketball ecosystem.”

The BAL came to fruition in 2019 and conducted its inaugural season in May of 2021. Twelve teams were involved and were broadcasted to 215 different countries in 15 languages.

According to the NBA, Obama plans to use his stake to help fund the Obama Foundation. The foundation is an educational nonprofit organization founded by both Barack and his wife, Michelle, in 2014.

“As president and through my foundation, I’ve made it a priority to engage Africa’s young people,”

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