Where To Find Bernie’s Snazzy Mittens

President Biden took the oath of office under historically cold conditions. The winds were the strongest that Washington D.C. has seen in over 40 years, but Biden wanted a traditional inauguration to start his presidency off with some normalcy, contrary to what we’ve grown accustomed to over the last 40 years.

We can talk about the various monochromatic designer outfits that were sported by the President’s family, as well as Madam Vice-President’s family, but the topic of conversation was Bernie Sanders, perched socially-distanced, legs crossed in sassy fashion, sporting an underwhelming brown parka, black slacks, plain blue mask, and brown loafers. Sanders wore a pretty basic fit. Nothing too spectacular, but the accessory that was perhaps the most useful in these frigid conditions outside of the coat he was wearing, was his gloves that sported a pretty snazzy (probably what he called it) design.

Remember, Sanders is from Vermont. He’s about his comfort. He could care less about the way his comfort looks. Out of his outfit, the snazzy gloves received the most attention from social media, and understandably so. They came from an individual small business, and he supported it, which is completely on-brand for Senator Sanders.

A teacher from a small-town Vermont school district named Jen Ellis supplied Sanders with the gloves two years ago, never knowing that they’d one day be the talk of the inauguration.

Ellis created these gloves using repurposed wool sweaters and fleece made from recycled plastic bottles. The gift was potentially the best gift you couldn’t have given Bernie Sanders, a politician that stans for small businesses and anything that promotes a healthier and cleaner world.

The average person reading this article more than likely can’t afford half of the pieces most of the politicians were sporting on inauguration day. However, the gloves from Ms. Ellis most definitely are. If you’re looking to spruce up your winter wardrobe right before it hits the coldest mark while following the lead of Bernie Sanders, reach out to Ellis via email to place your order.

Jen Ellis’s email address to place your order: jsellis21@gmail.com.

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