Russell Westbrook, NBPA show up for the culture with social justice apparel for NBA bubble

After discontent with the allowed social justice messages that players could put on the backs of their jerseys in Orlando, the National Basketball Players Association and Russell Westbrook searched for options to make sure the players could amplify their voices.

The NBPA partnered with Westbrook and his clothing line to ensure that players could have their voices heard while in Orlando. The players will now have the opportunity to wear clothes with the messages they want to be printed on the shirt.

There have been complaints about the NBA’s limited list of approved messages. Many of the players wanted the opportunity to wear the names of victims of police violence on their jerseys. Other phrases that were popular among players were “police reform” and “Am I next? The NBA didn’t allow phrases like that.

So, the union and Westbrook found a way to get around the league’s rules, and in this case, it’s a great thing they did. Soon enough, when you check your Instagram feed, you’ll see players rocking shirts, shorts, jackets, and hoodies with different phrases on them while in Orlando.

Westbrook is still recovering from COVID-19 and will join his team in the Orlando bubble at a later date. Westbrook continues to do little sneaky things that may positive impacts, and this is another instance of that.

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