Shai wins Suave Report’s ‘All-Spiffy’ MVP

When it comes to sports fashion, many people only pay attention or acknowledge the best fits in the NBA and the NFL, when soccer players may be the ones with a better wardrobe.

This week we held a competition and released our inaugural “All-Spiffy” teams. The competition involves all three of the most fashion-conscious sports; basketball, football, and soccer. There were three teams (first, second, and third) of the best dressers in the three sports combined.

The winner voted in by our Instagram followers, was the Oklahoma City Thunder’s own, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

While you may or may not think Shai is the spiffiest athlete in sports, the fact that he has a superb fashion sense is undeniable. He doesn’t play it safe, yet he’s not too outrageous. Some players always sport quality fits, but all of their fits are ‘safe.’ When I say safe, that means that no one criticizes the fit, because it looks like they got it off of a mannequin. Then other players try to do too much, and it’s obvious. Somewhere in between, there is Shai. He’s just creative enough to take chances, wearing things that the average person wouldn’t, but he makes most of it look good, and that’s what makes him elite.

Here are some of Shai’s best fits.

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