We don’t know what we have until sports are gone

It has been 14 days since Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19, and the NBA suspended its season, sending the entire sports world into a panic.

This was the first domino, which eventually led to the cancelling of March Madness and spring sports for colleges and high schools.

Although it was necessary, it doesn’t make fans feel any better. Especially at this time of year when March Madness is supposed to be happening as I type this, the most anticipated NBA Playoffs in years was coming up, and the Masters was supposed to take place in April.

It’s possible that we will miss out on a whole year of sports history. We may not be able to see Lebron James chase his fourth championship this season, or even watch Tiger Woods win another green jacket.

I used to complain about that time of year when the NBA season ended, and there wasn’t much going on until football started back up. I won’t complain about it ever again because it’s nothing like this. At least we had golf and baseball.

I feel selfish for being sad because I’m just sad as a fan. I think of the seniors that played their last game ever without even knowing it. Just two weeks ago, there were high school basketball teams preparing to compete in the state tournament, then they find out that it’s cancelled entirely. I can’t imagine that feeling.

Whether you’re a player, coach, or fan, hopefully the time we’ll have away from sports makes you not take it for granted when it comes back.

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