A Lake Show: Lakers handle Thunder 125-110


After such an entertainingly decisive win over the Houston Rockets on Thursday, the Thunder laid a complete egg against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday night. That doesn’t sound so bad, considering the Lakers are the No. 1 team in the Western Conference and have Lebron James and Anthony Davis on the roster but the Lakers pulled off this victory without both of them, which is embarrassing for OKC.

The Thunder fell to the Lakers 125-110.

It was never a game and there’s no big revelation that came from this game. The Lakers simply blew the Thunder out of the water from start to finish but it all started with Rajon Rondo who was 6-for-6 with 14 points through the first quarter. He set the tone, then the rest of the team followed suit by shooting 80 percent from three in the first half and Kyle Kuzma pilling on 23 first half points in the meantime.

The Thunder as they do, didn’t give up. They fought back throughout the second half but couldn’t stop the Lakers from hitting shots at a still respectable clip.

Like I said, the Thunder laid an egg tonight. It wasn’t their night but they’ll get a chance to get back on track on Monday against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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