Quick Facts: OKC’s bubble scrimmage vs. Boston

Basketball is officially back for the Oklahoma City Thunder after more than four months of no play. An emotional first game ends with a win over the Boston Celtics, 98-84. Here are five quick facts after tonight’s scrimmage. 

No Fans but still fun

It feels weird not having fans attending games but, due to the current situation worldwide, it is a necessity. We all missed basketball, so I guess we are alright with anything we can get. However, I am certain then when playoffs will start, the arena atmosphere and the fan love will be really missed.

Steven Adams – Beast

Steven Adams only played during the first half of the scrimmage against the Boston Celtics, but he looked rested and stronger than ever. In only fifteen minutes the big Kiwi scored seventeen points while adding seven rebounds, one assist, and one block. Adams always struggled at the end of the season due to his high usage during the year, but after this long break, the Thunder can fully count on their starter center.

SGA – Still Good

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander didn’t lose a step during the break. Actually, he looks bigger, stronger, and if it’s possible, smoother. It’s just the first game, a scrimmage so no need to overreact, but SGA is definitely ready for the final run of the season.

Roberson is BACK!

Andre Roberson is officially back after two and a half years. 909 days. It felt so good to see all the Thunder players and the coaching staff giving him a standing ovation when he checked into the game. Surely all Thunder fans are exited to have him back.

“I can feel the love from all the way back in Oklahoma,” said Roberson. “I just want to thank everybody, Oklahoma City and fans all around the world for sticking with me and supporting me through this journey. I couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative of the support.”

Welcome back Dre!

Experimental Rotations

Obviously, coach Donovan mixed up the rotations today. The first half looked more like a normal regular season rotation (even though Ferguson didn’t play), while in the second half we saw more bench players (Gallinari, Paul, and Adams didn’t play). Donovan is probably looking at more options in the short time available, because there won’t be much to experiment with when the season officially resumes.

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