The Hard Path to Humility: A Look Back at 2019

A Testimonial by Joshua Cleary:

This Christmas I want to show you guys what this passion of photography and videography has done for me in my life as well as show the impact I have been able to have on the athletes of the future.

Whenever I began my brand, not JRC Media, but the OG “JClearout Productions” my mind wasn’t in the right spot. I got so much exposure from just two videos, a Deonte Burton and Trae Young Skinz League video. All my respect and thanks goes out to Skinz for helping me get my start and believing in me from day one.

But at that time, I was so focused on building my brand I’d go through any means necessary to do it. I forgot everything I had been blessed with by God and I started to lose my core values, first to the music I used to create my content with, then simply clout chasing after the best players.

I knew I needed to make a change and Matt Reynolds and Prep Hoops gave me an opportunity to do just that. They’ve believed in me from the start and gave me my first opportunity to work, which I’m so grateful for right now. I’ve been blessed with having Bryce McKinnis as a role model for my work, and now he gets to lead me on my own journey of work as the senior writer.

Matt helped me rebrand and learn what to and how to focus on my growth while keeping my core, fundamental values. He helped me grow to love seeing others be blessed. My ability to make an impact on the athletes around me, especially the ones here in Oklahoma, fill me with pride that I can help them achieve their dreams of becoming a college athlete.

Once again, thank you to all who have supported my brand, whether it may be by being the athlete I’m filming, the gracious person hiring me out, or just following this page.

Thank you so so much.

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About the author

Founder & Editor-in-Chief. National Association of Black Journalists. University of Central Oklahoma.


  1. Kudos to The Suave Report’s founder and ceo – Addam Francisco – for always reaching out as an unselfish, self-assured LEADER working with and lifting up peers and proteges in spirit, advice and platform.

    Congratulations, young man on recapturing the proper perspective.

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