The Trend That Just Won’t Go Away

I’m not one who personally believes in reincarnation, yet I do believe that the phenomena of reincarnation is something that fashion houses are obsessed with. Within the past 5 years, fashion has resurrected thousands upon thousands of trends that were once dead to us all. I mean unless you’re blind then surely you’ve seen the return of the mom jean, the chunky sneaker, fanny packs. All staples of an era yet reconstructed and rebranded for this generation enthralled with nostalgia. I can’t say I’m not one who doesn’t love a good comeback but with Moschino’s latest 2019  “Roman” Pre-Fall collection I begin to wonder if this all fashion is now?

moschino 19 fall 1.jpg

No real thought, genuine creativity, just replicas with a slight twist. Something used to be thrown in our faces with a get quick easy appeal. Maybe not, maybe the true creativity is to take something once dead and give birth to it again and have it be loved and cherished all over again with even more fervor than before. What about you guys are you here for the nostalgic theme running in our fashion veins or are you over it and are looking for someone like Virgil Abloh to create something never done before? Let us know in the comments down below. Also, let us know your favorite blast from the past trend and one that needs to be blasted right back.

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