NBA Top 10 Power Rankings: OKC, Philly Rise While Milwaukee, Golden State Fall

This was a big week for teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and Philadelphia 76ers that continue to progress as the season moves on. As for teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors, things continue to go south.

There are two newcomers to our top 10 list, due to exceptional weeks on the court.

TeamRecord Previous Week Last week
Toronto Raptors (21-7)2(2-1)
Golden State Warriors(18-9)10(3-0)
Oklahoma City Thunder(16-8)3(2-1)
Philadelphia 76ers(18-9)1(1-1)
Milwaukee Bucks (17-8) 6(2-1)
Los Angeles Lakers(16-10)7(2-2)
Los Angeles Clippers(16-9) 5(1-2)
Denver Nuggets(17-9)4(2-2)
Boston Celtics(15-10)9(2-0)
Indiana Pacers(16-10)NR(3-0)

Just out:

11. Memphis Grizzlies.

12. Houston Rockets.

13. Portland Trail Blazers





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