Paul George is team Butler

Paul George and Jimmy Butler are almost identical on the court statistically and physically. They also happen to be friends. During Friday’s training camp, Paul George weighed in on the saga between his friend and the Minnesota Timberwolves organization, in favor of Butler.

As you heard, Paul George is in complete support of Butler’s motives. He reiterated that it’s coming from a good place. If you haven’t heard all of Butler’s interview after the controversial practice, listen below.

This has been terribly exhausting for us, so imagine the impact it has on the Timberwolves. Butler’s public shaming of this team and specifically, certain players on this team is quite disruptive during the most important part of the season, chemistry-wise. Things like this can derail teams for the season and in Butler’s case, diminish trade value. According to Butler, he voiced his displeasure to Tom Thibodeau a week after the season ended, so if that’s true, this should all fall on Thibs back. This is nowhere near a new development and Butler didn’t do the Timberwolves wrong.

Knowing Thib’s personality (lowkey), you’d think he would have sent Butler on to Miami with no real drama included. Instead, here we are days before the season starts with an ominous storm cloud sitting awkwardly over this team with an unhappy star in the middle of it all.

It’s not like the Timbs lack talent. Their surplus of talent is what made last season so perplexing and why Butler is unhappy with this team that doesn’t seem to take losses as seriously as he does. With that being known and the regular season starting in a few days, it would behoove Minnesota to stop playing hard to get with the Miami Heat and trade Butler for a fair price. Ain’t nothing worse than a disgruntled star leading your team, especially after embarrassing the other Timbs A-listers during practice.

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