Dear Carmelo, From Oklahoma City

Dear Carmelo,

We didn’t get to spend a much time together, a full 299 days to be exact but the time we had was eventful, to say the least.

From soundbites to almost game winners all the way to you ”sacrificing” damn near everything there were many peaks and valleys, throughout the season but above everything, you were a professional in wins and losses. In front of the camera, you made sure the message was the same and never waivered making sure the team was together and wouldn’t crack, which is something that has been lost in everything that’s happened after your unfortunate exit interview. You where the elder statesman of the team leaders like Russell Westbrook looked up to you as did Paul George and everyone else on the team followed behind. You brought a Melo-ness to the team and the fanbase when the team was struggling to find its way early in the season with how you carried yourself on the court and off the court.

On the court, it never seemed to click with you becoming the awkward third wheel behind reigning MVP Westbrook and perennial All-Star George. You just weren’t able to carve out a role that could be beneficial for the team to reach its potential come playoff time. You ultimately fell behind Steven Adams and Jerami Grant in the pecking order watching from the bench as the team would lead a historic comeback against the Jazz in a do or die game five that saw Westbrook and George lead a 25 point comeback in the Thunder’s most significant moment of the season.

Ultimately it ended badly with you venting your frustration with how the season played out in your exit interview and unfortunately in the face of your mortality you crumbled. That will be the lasting memory of your time with the Thunder, but there were good times that shouldn’t be forgotten, and for that Thunder fans appreciate everything you brought to the team in a season that was rough for you on and off the court you made sure that when the public was watching you where Thunder all the way.

Good luck with your next career move, and hopefully, you can come to terms with you basketball mortality and finish your hall of fame career with respect, pride and most of all dignity. You tried your best, and we appreciate you for that nobody can accuse you of not trying your best, rebounding in Oklahoma will never be the same.

Thank you, Melo.

From Thunder fans.

Highlights from Anthonys time in Oklahoma.

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