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Q & A with Kristo Blanc:

Q: Your music has a unique sound. What do you think sets you apart from other artists out there?

A: Well, I like to say I have a high level of appreciation for music and the art of creation. Since I was young I have always studied artists before me to learn the way they think about the world and the way their artistry works for them. From there I feel like I have taken what they have done and molded it into what I believe is my current sound. These two songs being my first singles I feel like I haven’t gotten the chance to fully show what I’m capable of but these first singles are a good showcase of the diversity I wish to embody in my music. Shoutout to my partner in crime, FORM, we work on all of my releases together and there’s a lot of brainpower that goes into the music so big ups to him.

Q: Who are three mainstream rappers you’ve always enjoyed listening to? Doesn’t matter the genre.

A: Kid Cudi. Scott is a savior and a true legend. There’s no artist who has shaped me more than he has so big love his way. Travis Scott is another one. He’s an artist who has a big influence from Kid Cudi and I’ve been listening to him since his jump. His energy is untouchable and the way he can get a crowd going is something special. Andre 3 stacks and Big Boi were a household duo growing up so I’d have to put them up. Their flows, unity as artists and message was always something that stuck out to me. I will always appreciate them for stepping outside the musical boundary and putting their soul into everything they created. We NEED another album, for real.

Q: What led you to music? How did that end up sparking your interest?

A: Ever since I could remember I had a love for music. I could recall always wanting to sing when I was younger and people always told me I had a good voice. I always had an appreciation for the way other artists portrayed themselves in a song and the way they could express the way they felt. I would get bored on car rides and read the inside sleeves of cd’s. I would look at the artwork inside for different people’s names I recognized and different lyrics to songs I knew. I think this is another reason I appreciate music on such an intense level and I’m so primed to pay attention to the details.

Q: Where did you get the name Kristo Blanc from?

A: My birth name is Kaleb Christopher White. Growing up people always spelled my name wrong with a C instead of a K. When I first wanted to become an artist I tried lots of different names and they never really worked out. But Christopher the middle name always seemed to interest me. I figured to avoid the problem of misspelling in the future I would put together my two first names. Kaleb + Christopher then became Kristopher, Kristo for short. The word Blanc has the meaning of white in a few different languages so I figured to keep my name I would change it to Blanc.

Q: The music you put out seems to be very deep…where does it come from internally? Is it from a dark place or a happy place or a little of both?

A: Emotion and real-life experience. All of my music comes from emotion and experience. Whether that be from my own personal, or others I have come to know and observe. The world we live in is a good balance of both darkness and happiness, some in more places than others. Music is an excellent portrayal of both the light and darkness.


Q: What is your goal for your music? Fame, or fortune?

A: Ahhhh…. my goal with music is to simply reach as many people as possible. I would love to tour the world and share my message with all who wish to receive. I think as long as I keep my head in the right mind and make sure to keep my goals in frontal sight; fame and fortune will proceed with it. I got into music with love/passion first and I know it will take me where I need to be as long as I remain passionate.

Q: Are you in college? If so, what’s your major and what do you plan to do with it?

A: I’m currently attending the World Wide Web university. I’m studying a degree in creative artistry and I plan to graduate next fall. I just wanna keep learning and picking up on bits and pieces of things as long as I can. Hahahahaha shoutout to my team and my people for keeping me uplifting and on the right track, much love.

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Addam M. Francisco

Founder & Editor-in-Chief. National Association of Black Journalists. University of Central Oklahoma.

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