International Thunder Ep. 9

Suave took a week off to celebrate his girlfriend’s graduation but Alberto diligently watched and critiqued OKC’s last couple of weeks. During that time, the Thunder started to take a few steps in a positive direction. Now, they are above.500 for the first time in almost two months and tied for fifth in the Western Conference.

Episode rundown: 

Week recap: 00:00-01:37.

Is OKC turning a corner?: 01:38-08:20.

Russ has shifted his focus and the team looks better…coincidence?: 08:21-15:29. 

Chef Curry To Go Song of The Week: 15:30-17:07. 


Week Preview: 40:45- 44:44. 

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Founder & Editor-in-Chief. National Association of Black Journalists. University of Central Oklahoma.


  1. Excellent Podcast! Lot of good information, analysis and insight shared. Also, that song opening is excellent as a theme song opening for your podcast.

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