International Thunder Ep. 9

Suave took a week off to celebrate his girlfriend’s graduation but Alberto diligently watched and critiqued OKC’s last couple of weeks. During that time, the Thunder started to take a few steps in a positive direction. Now, they are above.500 for the first time in almost two months and tied for fifth in the Western Conference.

Episode rundown: 

Week recap: 00:00-01:37.

Is OKC turning a corner?: 01:38-08:20.

Russ has shifted his focus and the team looks better…coincidence?: 08:21-15:29. 

Chef Curry To Go Song of The Week: 15:30-17:07. 


Week Preview: 40:45- 44:44. 

Addam M. Francisco

Founder & Editor-in-Chief. National Association of Black Journalists. University of Central Oklahoma.

One thought on “International Thunder Ep. 9”

  1. Excellent Podcast! Lot of good information, analysis and insight shared. Also, that song opening is excellent as a theme song opening for your podcast.

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