International Thunder: Ep. 4

Episode 4 of International Thunder will discuss Oklahoma City’s (0-3) record over the past week. 

It’s time to be concerned if you are a Thunder fan but it’s still not the time to panic. Although things aren’t looking the way any of us anticipated, the NBA is ever-changing. Meaning, a team can look like the worst team in the league one week and a championship contender the next.

Suave and Alberto look to find the reason behind this deplorable week of basketball. 

Episode rundown

Week recap and analysis: 00:22-03:45.

Question and answer: 03:46-12:29.

Break/Song: Daniel Caesar-Get You: 12:29-13:05.

Extra question and week preview: 13:06-24:22.

  1. Great podcast!
    Each one improves. Proud of this new source of Thunder discussion.


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