Official Video: Mr. Feathery Makes Musical Debut With Single “Song For You”

Former Oklahoma City Thunder guard Victor Oladipo released his first single last week, titled “Song For You.” 

Many know all about Oladipo’s love for music, but from personal experience, he loves to sing…in any situation. Randomly walking through the tunnels by the locker room, during warmups and even in the locker room shower it became clear that Vic loves to sing. Based on those things, it’s not surprising that the now Indiana Pacers guard made his musical debut last week.

“Ain’t too many NBA players who are actually really good at singing,” said Oladipo before last season in an interview with Complex Magazine. “There’s a lot of rappers, but not too many singers. I think it could be something special, so maybe one day.”

Oladipo’s song may sound a bit familiar. That’s because it’s a contemporary version of Donny Hathaway’s “A Song For You.”

“What inspired me to put out my own music now is that I believe it is a gift of mine and when God blesses you with a gift you should share it with others,” he told Complex via email. “If not then you’re doing yourself and Him a disservice.”

Donny Hathaway happens to be one of Oladipo’s favorite artists and that’s the reason he remixed his hit. He stated that it was a song that he could really relate to so in honor of Hathaway he altered the song by modernizing it so it would be more relatable in our modern society.

Don’t expect this to be it for Victor. Also, in the same interview with Complex he mentioned the potential of him releasing an entire record to showcase his voice in a more formal manner.

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