Sonrae Drops “Don’t Flex” and “2GOOD2BETRUE” Over Labor Day Weekend

Sonrae has returned…this time with two singles that further reflect his authentic hip-hop sound. 

“Don’t Flex” is a project he’s been working on for months now. It gives off a trendy, catchy vibe while “2GOOD2BETRUE” offers more of a classic hip-hop sound with lyrics that tell a clear, distinct story. These two singles should appeal to a wider audience due to the vast differences in each song’s vibe. “Don’t Flex” will likely appeal more to the younger crowd because of the catchy beat. “2GOOD2BETRUE” will appeal more to fans of pure, good old fashioned hip-hop.

Listen to “Don’t Flex”:

Listen to “2GOOD2BETRUE”:

To listen to more of Sonrae’s music or to keep up with drop dates, check out his Soundcloud or on Twitter.

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