Big Baby Davis and Kendrick Perkins Predict OKC’s Next Star On Area 21

The Oklahoma City Thunder were really the topic of conversation tonight on Area 21. After Kendrick Perkins’ rant about Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook’s recent communication, came another bold remark regarding the Thunder by Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Perkins then uttered another bold prediction towards the end of the show.

Davis answered “OKC” when the Blake Griffin free-agency talks sparked up. A graphic appeared on the screen with a list of 8 notable free agents available this summer and Perkins denied Davis’ claim that Blake Griffin would come to Oklahoma City, pleading for Gordon Hayward as a much better fit.

Davis may have some inside information on this topic, only due to the fact that he played two seasons with the Clippers, alongside Griffin. However, financially that doesn’t make much sense. Perkins so adamantly saying “I’d take Gordon Hayward at OKC though,” raises some eyebrows because Hayward simply seems to fit one of OKC’s major needs and OKC may just fit one of his. In addition to that, Hayward’s current contract isn’t nearly as expensive as Blake’s and although he’s improved every season, this year to All-Star status, he still may not demand as much money as Griffin. He may be more willing to take less, in exchange for more success.

This isn’t something I’d say pay a ton of attention to, or hold your breath on, though. The Thunder aren’t in a great financial position right now and have a big summer ahead of them just to re-sign two key pieces in Andre Roberson and Taj Gibson. One of these two players may realistically have to take less in order for this to happen, which isn’t a common thing to do at this point in a career.

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