Video: Stephen A. Smith Crucifies The Redskins

A couple of days ago, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith used his controversial opinion on one of his many social platforms. This time on the ESPN TV show First Take where he is the co-host.

Some members of Washington’s team chose to speak out following a big win over their NFC East division rival Philadelphia Eagles.

Smith wasn’t too fond of these comments. We all know he isn’t a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and he doesn’t have much respect for the NFC East, a division that’s struggled over the past few years.


I don’t have much of a problem with what Steven A. said. It’s all true. It’s understood, you may feel yourself after big, emotional wins but sometimes you feel yourself too much. This is one of those cases. Like Smith said, Washington already lost to Dallas; an offense run by two rookies and barely squeaked by Philly, a team with a rookie quarterback. That’s not necessarily something to brag about. Them losing to Dallas earlier in the season is a clear answer as to why

Them losing to Dallas earlier in the season is a clear answer as to why they aren’t ‘the real division champions.’ Maybe they should let the season get to the halfway point before they start making any of those statements.

  1. Typical Redskins. They’ve always sucked!


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