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Many fans (including Thunder fans) want to portray Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook as a selfish, or mean guy… Well thats just on the court and even then, “selfish” shouldn’t  be the word to describe him based on the fact that he is at the top of the NBA right now in assists at 9.6 per game. Aside from basketball, this has been a very generous week for Russ. Not only is he distributing the ball more on the court, but he’s giving back to the community as well.

On Monday, Dec. 14 Russell showed up at the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Bethany, Oklahoma unannounced and motivated only by his character to pay shooting victim Jenneh Britton a surprise visit after one of his teachers reached out to Russell Westbrook and the media informing them that he wants to meet the Thunder star.

Some may remember in June when Britton was shot by a stray bullet while he was riding his bike around his parents snow cone stand. Britton is now unfortunately a quadriplegic but hopes to return home soon.

Monday was a big day for Russell, where he’s probably put a dent in people’s perception of his character (like he actually cares). Along with the visit to Jenneh, he made the largest donation to his former college UCLA by any former student-athlete in UCLA basketball history, though Westbrook declined to reveal how much he donated to the university.

In return, UCLA is placing Russell’s name on the new Mo Osten Basketball Center, that’s currently under construction. Also, Russell will more than likely play on the court a few times this summer as he’s known for returning to his former school to shoot around and sometimes scrimmage with current Bruins.

UCLA is slated to honor Russell on Jan. 7 in their home game against Arizona.

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  1. The great Russell Westbrook! This is one dude that gives 100+% ….all the time! If he has it in him, he gives it. Oklahoma City Thunder should look for ways to keep him here.
    Speaking of giving, this is an awesome gesture from Westbrook! He’s a star in more ways than what meets the eye. His spirit of giving! Thanks for another great story!!!

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