Phelps continues greatness as U.S. wins 4×100 freestyle relay

After an unbelievable act of athleticism by Michael Phelps, winning his 23rd Olympic gold solidified him, undoubtedly as the best Olympian of all-time.

Phelps was the second leg and teamed with Caleb Dressel, Ryan Held and the anchor Nathan Adrian finishing with a relay time of 3:09:92. The Americans weren’t expected to win, being underdogs to Australia, but somehow lead the majority of the race. Australia disappointedΒ by not only falling to the Americans but also to the French team, who won the silver.


The times are as followed

  1. USA: 3:09:92

  2. France: 3:10:53

  3. Australia: 3:11:37

It all started in the 2000 Olympics when Phelps was 15 years old. Although he didn’t medal, he showed a lot of promise as he made the finals in the 200-meter butterfly, finishing fifth. That’s about all the Olympic competition he needed. Since then, he’s been an iconic presence in the Olympics. in 2004, he captured a couple bronze medals in Athens….along with six gold. He wasn’t done. In 2008 he started setting major records, winning eight gold medals. 2012 was supposedly his last Olympic games, after winning four gold medals and two silvers in London. However, he decided to come out of retirement to swim in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and he has his first gold of these games.

Phelps is now 31 years old and these Olympics are expected to be his last although he hasn’t completely ruled out the 2020 Olympics in Japan. There are three more opportunities for him to shine again as he will swim the 200-meter individual medley, the 100 and 200-meter butterfly and will probably take on the fly leg in the 4×100-meter medley on Saturday.




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  1. Great to witness! There is a woman who is Phelp equal! She shattered her own world record and beat EVERY other swimmer to the finish line by 5-seconds! Unheard of!!!

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