Adolescence takes over in L.A.

D’Angelo Russell may be the most hated human being in the NBA and Twitter world. Yes, after all these shenanigans revolving around the two players, it’s come to this. Although Russell is no stranger to immature behavior during his first year in the NBA, this is a bit much…right? Let’s not sit here and forget that Nick Young did cheat on his fiancé, Iggy Azalea. It seems like more people are shaming D’Angelo for his actions like they forgot the other side of the story and how it started. It’s understood that snitches get stitches and I must admit, I’m a proud supporter of it but at the same time, there should be equal blame here.

There’re only two ways for this to pan out. Either these two guys will use this as a learning experience and somehow build a better friendship in the future because of it, or this will go down as one of, or maybe even the most embarrassing situation off the court this season.

About three months ago is when this happened…Russell recorded Young thinking that he could continue what is normally a joking type of atmosphere when the two are with each other. In the video, Young unknowingly talked about women (specifically a 19-year-old “woman”). Soon after the video posted, Snapchat blew up. Maybe he didn’t think about people being able to video a video from another phone, but let’s be honest, we’ve all had our slower moments.

After hearing the full story, I think this was honestly a huge misjudgment by Russell, who is still rather immature at 20 years old. A kid who’s only two years removed from high school, with a confident, top-dog type of personality. This may be the thing that changes him for the better. He really has the potential to be the next leader of this Laker team when Kobe retires.


Nick Young and Iggy Azalea at the Billboard Music Awards.


Honestly, he and even Nick are having to learn the hard way when it comes to posting controversial content about important things in their lives. However like I mentioned before, this kid really has a bright future, averaging 13.1 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 3.4 assists per game in his rookie season on a team that’s on their way to the worst record in franchise history at (16-59).

Although the Lakers aren’t thrilled about this negative publicity surrounding the franchise, they aren’t going to give up on Russell. Even though this could make it just a little harder for this team to land that big time free agent they’ve been looking for within the next year or two. This organization believes in Russell and his ability both as a teammate behind closed doors and a leader on the court.

As for Young, this isn’t the first time he’s gotten into some sort of drama when just a few weeks ago (around the time of the recording), he was kickin’ it with another young Laker member, 23-year old Jordan Clarkson, making inappropriate gestures toward a 68-year old woman while driving through Hollywood. After many other interpretations regarding the situation, Lakers officials announced the players were just goofing around.

Things aren’t looking too bad for the Lakers in the way of talent, but maturity between its young players…and Nick Young indeed needs improvement.

Here’s the infamous video that started this all.


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  1. You described the situation perfectly! Hit the nail on the head! They should hire you for common sense counseling!!! Great story!

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