Ex-Cowboy Joseph Randle, doing what he does best

As we all know, former Oklahoma State star and ex-Dallas Cowboy running back Joseph Randle clearly enjoys being in the limelight, but not in a good way. He got into plenty of trouble while at OSU and continued the childishness into his professional career, now he’s hit rock bottom with yet another run in with the law.

This time he was arrested in his home state of Kansas. He’s been charged with battery, drug possession, and criminal damage. 

The news was first released by TMZ Sports and was later confirmed by The Dallas Morning NewsRandle has been arrested not one, not two, but five times in the past 17 months. His other two arrests stemmed from a shoplifting incident and, supposedly, domestic violence. So, if this story sounds familiar, you know why.

Before the 2015 season started, Randle stated that ex-Cowboy running back DeMarco Murray “left a lot of meat” on the bone, even when he led the league in rushing. Following that statement, Randle only rushed for 215 yards in 6 games for Dallas before he was finally cut.

Considering all the run-ins he’s had with the law, Randle more than likely has no future in the NFL. Even if he does return to the field he’ll have to serve a four-game suspension first. Any team that gives him what would be like his eighth chance, clearly doesn’t want to win and clearly doesn’t mind huge negative distractions in the locker room. NFL, do away with Randle for good, he’s clearly a cancer.


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