Giants’ Receivers Make News Again, But Why? may be late to the boat party frenzy that Odell Beckham and Co. sent Twitter into early this week, but our opinion is just as significant as the next person’s.

The New York Giants’ wide receivers swiftly flew out to South Beach, everyone’s premier vacation spot, and unwound before a stressful stretch of the season. Sounds equivalent to a businessman taking a short vacation before a stressful portion of the fiscal year, or a teacher taking a trip right before the spring semester starts. The only difference is something we’re already aware of: Beckham, Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard, and Roger Lewis are all athletes, slated to compete for one of the most entertaining but nerve-racking times of the year for many in the American culture. That’s why people care so much about this.

If you ask me, though, I have absolutely no problem with this. America tends to make an issue of everything that isn’t necessarily normal or common, yet we praise individuality which is contradicting. You also have to remember, Beckham is 24 years old while Lewis and Shepard are 23. As for Cruz, he’s 30. Just assume he was there for guidance like he is on the field. My point is, in the whole scheme of things, these are still young adults trying to have a good time.

Them taking a quick trip to the soothing waters of Miami during the day while partying with Trey Songz, Justin Bieber and Johnny Manziel at night poses no threat to their Wild Card chances against Green Bay on Sunday, about a week after they took the trip.

Short clip of Bieber with Odell Beckham at a club

c1msd95xuaac8izI feel like it’s just another topic for our conflict-driven society to discuss, although it won’t change anything. Eli Manning weighed in on it and didn’t seem to have a problem with anything but their wardrobe.

“I think as a team, we always pride ourselves in being well prepared. So when I saw some of those pictures, I was a little disappointed just because they obviously didn’t pack accordingly,” Manning said.

“They didn’t have any shirts, obviously, and (were wearing) long pants, no shorts or flip-flops or anything. So I’m disappointed in the packing and not being prepared for that situation.”

Manning did a spectacular job dealing with this situation, deflecting the attention and negative energy away from his teammates by cracking a joke, symbolizing that he, the leader of the team, has no issue with what his receivers did.

Manning continued the jokes:

“Guys want to get away for a day. I think they were a little low on Vitamin D, getting a little sunshine, get their Vitamin D up and make sure they were healthy for the cold weather in Green Bay.”

“I was telling people that I was the one who took the photo,” Manning said, “because they wouldn’t let me in it without my shirt off.”

With that being said, it’s time to put this argument to rest. Beckham and Co. did absolutely nothing wrong in this case, they are just a group of 20-somethings that wanted to go on a short excursion to Miami to hang out with some friends.

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