Trade time in OKC?

It’s approaching that time of the year again people… THE TRADE DEADLINE. Don’t look for any moves by the Thunder any time soon as they probably would wait until the actual deadline, but there’s a chance that it will happen just like it did last season when Dion Waiters came rumbling into the Thunder’s rotation.

There aren’t too many options for OKC, but if there are any it would be these three players… Dion Waiters, D.J. Augustin or Enes Kanter. Some say Serge Ibaka but that wouldn’t be a logical player to release.

Dion Waiters


Dion started with the squad a little less than a year ago, but has a contract that will expire at the season’s end. This makes him a big target for a possible trade. It could be hard to pay him the money that he may want after an up and down stretch of performances while playing with OKC. Sometimes he can shoot, sometimes he can’t hit the broad side of a barn and the same goes for defense.

So far in his tenure with the Thunder, Waiters averages 11.6 points on 39 percent shooting, which isn’t as bad as some in the league, but for the money he’s expected to ask for it might not all be worth it.

D.J. Augustin

Russ Isabella-USA Today Sports

OKC benching Augustin here recently basically sent a hint out to everyone. Cameron Payne clearly is who coach Donovan wants as his back-up point guard moving forward. Along with that, he has an expiring deal that will more than likely land him on another team next season. The thing is, he won’t be sent away alone… On account of his struggle offensively this season. There will probably be another player sent to go with him.

Serge Ibaka or Enes Kanter

This is where Serge and Enes come in. Although I DO NOT see OKC trading either one of these players, especially Serge, I could see Presti possibly taking a chance and doing it, kind of like he did with re-signing Kanter this off-season.

A couple scenarios could be Serge Ibaka, Kyle Singler, Steve Novak for Kris Middleton, John Henson and Chris Copeland. This could be an option presuming Milwaukee wants to switch their roster up.

This isn’t something that will likely happen, and it’s not a move Presti should necessarily make, but it’s always good to throw scenarios out there so IF it does happen fans won’t be surprised.

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  1. Very good analysis and breakdown of possible scenarios. I expect great things from you in the future. You have your finger on the pulse and are so very astute in the game of basketball. Your instincts and knowledge of the game is razor sharp!

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