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Straying Away From The ‘Norm’

From playing high school basketball in Memphis, TN to designing custom suits for multiple celebrities, Clarence Jones is a self-made, well-sought after designer and he did it on his own, in his authentic way.

Suave Alert: The Sumperts x Deandre Hopkins

Iman Shumpert and Teyanna Taylor are the new fashion couple of the NBA, while Deandre Hopkins runs NFL fashion.

NFL’s Best Dressed Of Week 6

One NFL punter killed week 6 fashion with a very casual outfit. Find out our top 3 here:

NFL’s Best Dressed of Week 5

Whose gameday fit made this week's cut? By: @SuaveFrancisco_ #NFLFashion

NFL’s Best Dressed of Week 4

Who was the best dressed in the NFL this week? @SuaveFrancisco_ lets us know.

Suave Alert: OKC Native Sterling Shepard Breaks Into NFL Fashion Spotlight

Some may know the New York Giants' Sterling Shepard as their athletic classmate from Northeast Academy or Heritage Hall High School. Some may know him as the superstar wide-receiver from the University of Oklahoma.

NFL’s Best Dressed of Week 3

This was quite the controversial week for the NFL due to the President's statements regarding players sitting for the National Anthem. That didn't change anything for those that wanted to be fashionable, though.