The 2023 Dallas Cowboys resemble the 1992 Cowboys

The 1992 Dallas Cowboys were the best Cowboys team in modern history, and although I was only two months old when they won the 1993 Super Bowl, my father educated me on what that team meant to him.

Based on my education on that particular team, just one week into the season, there are parallels 30 seasons later.

Don’t take this as the scheduled “this is our year” declaration, but only the acknowledgment of the undeniable similarities between the two teams.

The first fact is that the Cowboys have an elite defense. Heading into their season-opener on the road at MetLife Stadium, routing a confident and healthy team that won a playoff game nine months ago, 40-0. The New York Giants looked as sorry as their quarterback Daniel Jones, who is owed $40 million from the franchise.

Secondly and more coincidental, just like in ’92, the Cowboys are catching breaks when it comes to opposing QBs.

Heading into Week 1, Daniel Jones looked more intimidated than in years past, but that turned out to be a fluke.

The Cowboys are likely dodging a bullet in Week 2, where they’ll face Zach Wilson, who that hasn’t proven a thing in the NFL, as he will replace four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers. In Week 3, the Cowboys’ stingy defense gets to face Josh Dobbs, 28, who is 0-4 as a starter, instead of Kyler Murray, who beat Dallas in Jerry World two years ago.

Mac Jones passed for more than 300 yards in Week 1, but it’ll take more than that for me to respect him against the Dallas defense I watched last Sunday. Also, it took Jones 54 passes to reach that yardage.

Finally, in Week 5, Dallas gets a formidable test against Brock Purdy, who knocked them out of the postseason last season, but let’s not forget: he was the final pick of the 2022 Draft for a reason, and he’s more of a Kyle Shannahan system guy than an elite QB, at least right now. I’m more worried about the Cowboys’ offense against San Fran’s defense, which is comparable to Dallas’.

Remember that 1992 team that got a break against the Giants when Kent Graham replaced Phil Simms? Against the Broncos, Tommy Maddox played in place of John Elway and Todd Marinovich faced the Cowboys as the Raiders starter instead of usual starter Jay Schroeder.

Dallas defeated the Falcons 41-17, largely due to Wade Wilson being under center instead of Chris Miller.
Tim Rosenback replaced an injured Chris Chandler, Will Furrer backed up Jim Harbaugh for Chicago, and an 0-8 Stan Gelbaugh replaced Kelly Stouffer for the Seahawks.

Must I remind you again, this isn’t the scheduled “this is our year” declaration. I’m just outlining the obvious advantage the Cowboys have over most of the competition this year.

However, there will still be tests. They still have eight games, nearly half the season, where they’ll have to face quarterbacks who have played in Super Bowls or been in the Pro Bowl.

Dallas has to face Jalen Hurts twice, Jared Goff, Matt Stafford, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Tua Tagovailoa, and Geno Smith.

The Cowboys and their defense still have things to prove, but facing Wilson, who couldn’t even throw for 150 yards on Monday Night Football, and facing Dobbs the following week should, and I repeat (should), set Dallas up nicely with a 3-0 record entering Week 4 against New England.

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