Luka Doncic weight concerns coming into the 2023-24 NBA season

Dallas Mavericks supstar Luka Doncic has expressed his desire to lower his ideal playing weight.

Doncic has faced criticism for his defensive performance and has spoken to Mavericks executives about this issue. Doncic will be representing Slovenia in the upcoming FIBA World Cup after playing for his country in the Tokyo Olympics, where he helped them finish in fourth place. At the start of training camp, Doncic arrived weighing 260 pounds, which is significantly above his preferred playing weight of 230.

“I had the Olympics, took three weeks off, and relaxed slightly. Maybe too much,” Doncic told ESPN in December 2021.

Despite having a career year in 2022-23, Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic missed the playoffs for the first time since his rookie year. But from the looks of things, he’s going through a significant physical transition this summer to avoid missing it again.

In recent Instagram stories, Doncic is seen getting in shape and practicing for the forthcoming season. The Slovenian forward appears considerably leaner than usual, however, when he returns to the gym before the start of the season, he may end up bulking up. Luka Doncic’s current playing weight is about 230 pounds.

No one is certain if Doncic has genuinely lost some weight, or if any prospective weight loss would be beneficial for him. However, it looks like he is devoted to finding out.

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