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Imagine walking into a church, shooting up nine people and being taken to Burger King while in police custody. All because you said you were hungry. Now, imagine walking away from officers and having your shirt held as your shot seven times in the back. What’s the difference between Dylan Roof and Jacob Blake that caused the outcomes? Skin color.

Now, imagine being 17-years-old and possessing an AR-15. Illegally. Now imagine taking that illegally owned rifle across state lines with malicious intent. Within hours of cleaning graffiti, you shoot three people, killing two. Before this, you lied to journalists and said your “job” was to defend a building in Kenosha, WI from protestors. After all of this, you receive a bottle of water and the same police department that shot Jacob Blake, thanks you for being there. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!!! At the end of the night, AFTER killing TWO PEOPLE (and there is video of you admitting it), you get to drive back across state lines, get in your bed and sleep in the comfort of your own home.

Following this, you turn yourself in – not one cop burst in your house – and then after being charged with two counts of intentional homicide and one count of attempted homicide, among other things, your extradition hearing is pushed back an entire month. Oh wait…almost forgot, a self-proclaimed Christian organization called GiveSendGo has raised over $100K for your lawyer fees! Why is Kyle Rittenhouse being hailed as a patriotic young man who murdered people in self defense? You guessed it…skin color.

Just imagine having what I call racial immunity.

Over the last 72 hours I have seen multiple people speak worse on this situation than George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (we’ll get to that soon). As a matter of fact, I have literally seen MULTIPLE people say that the Jacob Blake shooting was justified because, “he’s a criminal.” In fact, they said every single police killing of unarmed black men were justified because they all had a criminal record. So by that logic, if I were to be shot and killed tomorrow by an officer, it’s justified because I have a criminal background. Really ANY PERSON with a background should be gunned down as a first option because…criminal, right?

Those same people have also said more than once, “Breonna Taylor was a drug runner for her ex-boyfriend which is what led to her being killed.” Well that’s a lie. More than one person has gone on record saying she forbade that life in her home. No drugs were found in her apartment. In fact, he was not in her apartment when she died nor were they even together. But people are still attempting to justify her killing by lying on her name. You are a mentally and emotionally sick individual if you have that mindset. Absolutely repulsive.

Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t even have to show up in court today. Jacob Blake never made it to court for his current legal issues. Kyle Rittenhouse went home after killing two people. Jacob Blake fought for his life after being shot seven times. One man can honestly laugh at the “justice” system, while another was HANDCUFFED to a hospital bed that he cannot leave. Because you know…his spinal cord was severed and he is now paralyzed from the waist down. But its okay because one man was defending himself with an AR-15 and the other deserved more honestly because he was a criminal after all.

Why is it that when black people are killed all YOU PEOPLE (media and media sheep alike) can say is: “We don’t know the whole story.” “If he didn’t resist…” “You know, back in *insert date here*, they were charged with…” Why don’t YOU PEOPLE defend US as much as you defended Dylan Roof? Someone told me Dylan Roof is a prime example that if you just “listen” you can be detained calmly. What. A. Joke.

Black people are tired of feeling like we are a threat because of our skin. We’re tired of feeling like we’re not loved unless we play a sport or make music you like. We’re constantly told we have free speech and all of these constitutional rights but when we exercise them we’re told, “there’s a time and place for that…not now, not here.” Well then WHEN?! When can we actually be heard? Athletes protest social injustice and are told they should stick to sports. The people with the most influence in the world are being told to not use their influence. Equality should not be controversial. But a dog has more rights than me.

So by that logic, if I were to be shot and killed tomorrow by an officer, it’s justified because I have a criminal background. Really ANY PERSON with a background should be gunned down as a first option because…criminal, right?

Black people want you to see US and love US as much as you want US to love a country that wasn’t founded with US in mind. I don’t think that’s a hard ask. There are so many problems that have been swept under the rug and it’s time to face them all. For US, walking through the door at the end of the day is the biggest blessing we can receive right now. My fiancee’ literally prays for me to make it home every night because she’s afraid I’ll be killed if I “fit the description.” Imagine being told to love a country that doesn’t love you back. Living in fear because of how you look. Being made to hate your skin color because you look different than the majority. Put yourself in our shoes for once. Ask yourself, “would I switch places with a black person for a day?” Would you want to live like us? Would you want the black experience?

Don’t tell US that systemic racism isn’t real just because you haven’t experienced it. My experiences, the experiences of the black community as a whole are OUR FACTS. Just like your experiences are your facts. Just because mainstream media doesn’t highlight what we deal with everyday, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. You should be ashamed of yourself if you think otherwise.

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