Does Jamal Adams want to bring his skills and wardrobe to Dallas?

Jamal Adams seems to be fed up. The 24-year old Pro Bowler has reached elite status in just three NFL seasons, but he’s still severely underpaid. The New York Jets pulled a surprise move by picking up Adams’ fifth-year option on his contract, which means he’ll have to play another season, not getting paid for his worth.

The Jets do intend on signing Adams to a longterm deal, but they haven’t yet. What does that mean? Well, typically as of late in the NFL, players have increased their power of negotiation by holding out. Adams will probably do that once the season returns, or the Jets will have to trade him. He’s ready to get paid, and if the Jets don’t pay him, there’s one team that probably will.

The team Adams prefers is the Dallas Cowboys.

Adams is quite familiar with the city of Dallas as he is from the Dallas suburb of Lewisville, TX. Coincidentally, the Cowboys are in desperate need of a safety, and Jerry Jones isn’t shying away from paying anyone unless their name is Dak Prescott.

This may be off-topic, but of course we’re thinking about the fashion aspect of things as well. Jamal Adams in New York sounds like a match made in heaven because of his personality, and fashion sense. He’s one of the most stylish players in the NFL and he resides in America’s fashion capital.

There isn’t a downside if the Jets decide to pay their 24-year old Pro Bowler, but there’s one if they don’t. This feels like a typical miss by New York’s forgotten franchise, but maybe they’ll do the smart thing by locking up the league’s premier defender. But if not, they’ll either have to trade him for a cheap price or watch him walk after this next season. Either way, the Dallas Cowboys would love to have him.

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