Just like us, CP3 doesn’t know much about NBA’s future

“This is a situation where no one knows,” the Thunder point guard told local media. “The virus is actually in complete control. I seriously tried to answer things the best I could, but there are things where it’s not like I’ve got the answers and I’m just not telling you.”

Chris Paul spoke to some select Oklahoma City Thunder media members via teleconference on Wednesday to address the elephant in the room. After the call, it’s clear that even the President of the National Basketball Players Association is just as befuddled as the rest of us.

According to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, there won’t be any decisions made during April, and there’s no guarantee that there will be a decision made by May. It depends on COVID-19.

The biggest question regarding the season is whether the playoffs will take place or not. Everyone seems to be done with the regular season by now, but everyone including the players, wants this season to be settled with a champion. It’s only right for competitors to want some resolve on the season. The most popular option has been for there to be a host city, where the NBA would play out the rest of the season. For that to happen, there are so many thresholds that have to be crossed before so.

“There are so many layers that would have to come into play for that to even happen,” Paul said “… We would have to know exactly what that would look like. “There’s a lot of hypotheticals out there. And that’s great that everyone’s brainstorming, and it’s nice that everybody wants us to play. But I think the safety of the players, their families, fans, everyone — all that comes before any of that.”

He also noted that some players haven’t had access to weight rooms, or any facilities that would keep them on par with the physical demand that comes with NBA basketball.

This is an unprecedented time for the entire league, and typically when Paul would have answers, he’s wondering when he’ll return to playing like the rest of us.

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  1. We all want to know. Thanks for this great update from CP3. I have wondered what players are thinking.

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