Heartbreak Season

What do you see when you look at Moragen Ferrell? From personal experience, I’ll tell you that the Tulsa native is definitely more than meets the eye. And she has one hell of a right hook. That I know from personal experience…never under any circumstance agree to spar with a trained boxer, y’all.

She’s an advocate, trainer, mentor, coach and she is currently ranked 5th in Amateur USA Boxing at 152lbs. The only woman boxer from Oklahoma to hold a top five ranking in any class. I have known this incredible young woman since 2016 and I’ve been amazed watching her grow into the athlete and leader she is now.

Before she became a boxer, Ferrell – a former Oklahoma state Golden Glove Champion –  didn’t like the idea of the sport at all. Ironic considering her success. However, getting in the ring, trying it out, made all the difference for her.

“When you’re in it though, it’s different. I wanted to try something different and get uncomfortable. I ended up falling in love with the gym and the people there.”

Moragen has always been an athlete. Growing up playing competitive soccer, she was used to pushing herself. This was the next level of competition for her. “I like to learn too. And the way my gym taught their classes really made a difference for me.” One of the most unique things about Ferrell is her nick name. The “Heartbreaker”. A name she picked up after breaking up with an ex-boyfriend. “My coaches and some others called me the ‘Heartbreaker’ and it stuck. And since the I was in school for marketing, it clicked. That name, it felt like something I could run with and make a name for myself on.”

AJ: “What have been the three biggest lessons you’ve learned since you’ve been boxing?”

Moragen: “The first thing would be just showing up. You never know what happens when you show up to learn and absorb what’s going on around you. Secondly would be not hesitating. In boxing, hesitating means you get hit. If I’d have hesitated, I wouldn’t be where I am. I wouldn’t have realized I belong at an elite level. Finally, work with everyone. Be a student, help, learn, and work. Everyone has something to offer you. So study it.”

I’ve watched Moragen grow as a woman, boxer, friend, sister and coach. Her ceiling is nonexistent and I’d be careful standing in the way of this powerhouse. In addition to looking forward to the Olympic qualifiers, you can catch the Heartbreaker in Tulsa, Oklahoma helping out and training at Cheyenne’s Boxing Gym. Owned and operated by Cheyenne McKinney, another former Oklahoma state Golden Glove Champion. For the future, she’s excited for the opportunities to develop her skill, continue to impact lives and keep breaking hearts. One KO at a time.

Follow Moragen on Instagram: @heartbreakerboxing

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