Lakers Expectations, Predictions and Other First Week Bits

Lakers in fo’, Lakers in fo’, Lakers in fo’ – and one more time for the people in the back – Lakers in fo’.

Media Day is over, first practices have commenced and the Los Angeles Lakers are looking like they’re ready for war. Being a lifelong Lakers fan, I’ll admit that I was HEATED when Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart were traded (I’ll call Lonzo a casualty of war). However, once I saw what we were surrounding Bron & AD with, I was more than pleased. Leading up to Media Day and camp, I was like a kid at Christmas. My Lakers…for the first time in several years, ACTUALLY look like a scary team. I don’t just have to hope that everyone in the West gets hurt anymore (sorry, Russ). But all that aside, let’s start with Media Day 2019.

LeBron and co look excited, optimistic and ready to get after it. Bron led the charge with telling reporters, he’s “done with talking.” Now, if you know anything about LeBron, it’s that he talks…A LOT. He’s somewhat enamored with the “drama” of the league. But this one looks different. He seemed to have the same mentality he did from 2012-2014…kill. And look dope while doing it. That whole “washed King” seems to have gotten under his skin and now I’m wondering how hard he’s gonna go in year 17. If the video of the first practice is any indication, I expect Bron to execute with a high level of efficiency all season.
Anthony Davis looks healthy, strong, solid, hungry and free. He wanted out of NOLA and got his wish. He also looks like he’s ready to prove a lot of people wrong about a lot of stuff. He’s excited to play alongside King James & co. It seems like he’s already fit right in with the team and staff as well.

But the talk of the town so to speak, Avery Bradley. So far, LeBron, Danny Green, coach Frank Vogel and several others inside the organization have had nothing but good things to say about the 9-year man out of Texas. Vogel had this to say:

“He’s the guy that everybody’s talking about. That’s the one thing that sticks out to me…We’ve got two of the best players in the world competing together, and all anybody’s talking about is Avery Bradley’s tenaciousness. That speaks volumes about what he’s been able to show in the first couple of days.”

Bradley’s defense has been so major that the staff has instilled in the team, “if he’s guarding you, just pass the ball.” Shooting guard Danny Green said.

It’s hard to think about a lineup that includes James, Davis, Bradley & Danny Green would come up short. However, stranger things have happened. Either way, I am excited for the season. Balanced seems to have been restored in the NBA and as for me, I can’t wait to fire up League Pass for the season. And just in case you forgot, Lakers. In. Fo’.

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