Luck of the Draw

“The pats on the back can and eventually will turn into stabs.”

Injuries mess with you. They hit mentally just as much if not more than physically. Confidence is shaken, you second guess a lot and often wonder if you can do what you felt you were born to do. All of our favorite athletes love the games the play more than we could ever imagine. But at the end of the day we have to remember it’s just that, a game. Andrew Luck retired in shocking fashion over the weekend and was booed off the field post game. One of the most classless gestures I’ve ever seen from any fan base in any sport. It’s as if his life outside of football means nothing.

Colts fans and fantasy players, I hear ya. You wanted to see him play, some of y’all drafted him and now your heart is broken. But oh well, life goes on. In six seasons, Luck compiled nearly 24,000 passing yards, 171 touchdown passes, 14 rushing touchdowns, only one season below 3,800 yards passing (2015). Andrew Luck was honestly the best thing that happened to the Indianapolis franchise after Peyton Manning went off to Denver.

My rookie year of minor league football I suffered a cerebral concussion. Something that not only left me passing out on the field twice but also had negative effects on my body as a whole. I had to sit in dark rooms with low stimulation for weeks, lost grip strength and a lot of function on my right side. In addition to now having slurred speech, light sensitivity and memory issues. I wasn’t myself. It hurt because a lot of guys thought I was faking it but I literally couldn’t function the way I was used to. Even my duties at my job had to shift. All plus a back injury upon my return for the next season forced me to hang em up earlier than planned. Left me wondering if I could even do what I felt I was built for.

Forget the fact that your irrelevant fantasy football season is “lost” without him. Never mind how much he put into his career, possibly putting it over family time during moments in the year. Forget the fact by leaving now, Luck is giving the Colts over $50 million to work with over the next few years. Never mind any of that. All that matters is your fantasy rosters and the fact that he would rather be able to walk and play with his children now instead of having to be medicated to enjoy life later. The man said there was no more joy in it for him but that wasn’t enough for the fans. What’s crazy is how much these athletes give for our entertainment – because at the end of the day that’s all it is – yet we forget that they’re human too.

The pats on the back have now turned into stabs. People have called this a weak move on his part, although the leak came from inside an organization that he trusted during a game. Personally, I’m happy for Andrew Luck. He was able to leave the game on his own terms and that is more important than any fans wishes or a fantasy roster.

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