Update: Jerry Jones is in no rush to make deal with Elliott

The Dallas Cowboys are approaching their third preseason game and Jerry Jones doesn’t appear to be in a rush to get a deal done with Ezekiel Elliot. Dallas’ owner and general manager actually started citing the benefits of Elliot missing games.

According to reports, the Cowboys haven’t made any progress in contract negotiations with Elliot and are no close to a deal than they’ve been during this holdout.

The season starts in a little over a week and Jones doesn’t seem bothered. On Wednesday Jones talked to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas about Elliot possibly missing games:

“We have to be prepared to play without any given player. We may very well play without a player that’s not coming in on his contract. We’ll play and play well.”

He continued:

“We’ve got a marathon here. We want Zeke when we get to the playoffs. We want Zeke when we’re in the dog days of this season. … A fresh Zeke, if we got to the end, would be great.”

He could have ulterior motives with this statement, but I think he’s anticipating not reaching a deal by the season’s start and is preparing Cowboys fans for him to miss multiple games.

Neither sides are budging, so I’d put my money on this holdout lasting into the regular season and possibly well into it.

It would be nice to see Elliott in action for week one, but it may not be a horrible thing for him to miss some games of the regular season. Obviously, the running back position is grueling. Other than linemen it’s the most physical position. That’s why Elliott resting and staying in shape while conveniently checking in halfway through the season may actually benefit the Cowboys.

That’s if the Cowboys can survive without him for seven or eight games. They have to stay over .500. If not, this could turn catastrophic, quickly.

Addam M. Francisco

Founder & Editor-in-Chief. National Association of Black Journalists. University of Central Oklahoma.

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