Reviewing Jacob Latimore’s ‘Connection 2’

Did you forget that Jacob Latimore could do more than act? Yeah, I did too. But he is back with his newest album, Connection 2.

Three years after his debut album (Connection), Latimore released a project that could be a top 10 R&B album of 2019. From the intro, there’s a feel of 90’s R&B nostalgia. The opening track, ‘Heartbreak Made Me’ samples Jon B’s 1997 hit ‘Are U Still Down?’

There are some songs filled with great content on this album. Old Thang Back, Mine, Come Over Here and True S**t are the album’s standouts. Trevor Jackson made an appearance on the latter mentioned track and the chemistry the two have over a beat is incredible. Mixed Emotions has somewhat of a Drake feel to it but that isn’t a bad thing for Latimore on his sophomore effort.

The album as a whole is solid and has the feels of that “true” R&B that we’ve been missing from most artists. I’d give it a solid 8/10 and I’m as critical as they come in terms of Rhythm and Blues so don’t think I’m just blowing smoke. I’d encourage anyone to check this out. Where Connection seemed to find Latimore searching for himself in the R&B genre, Connection 2 shows that he’s more confident in his abilities, vocals, and lyrics. This album is a great start to the summer and should be in your rotation all summer ‘19.

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