Kyler Murray surpasses 200 pounds…problem?

According to reports, Kyler Murray now weighs 206 pounds, 11 pounds more than his listed weight at the University of Oklahoma and 16 more than his actual weight during the season.

Some suspect Murray is 5-foot-9, some suspect he’s closer to 5-foot-11 but regardless, 206 pounds is considered pretty heavy for anyone under six-feet tall.

Some are questioning whether or not Murray is getting fat, which is a legitimate question…he’s 206 pounds. However, with him preparing for the NFL combine, it would be weird for him to be on a physical decline.

It’s a safer bet to assume he’s gained 10-15 pounds of muscle since the Sooners season ended in late December 2018.

How does his weight stack up to others that fit his stature?

This development actually serves Murray well if you’re comparing him to the players that he’s been compared to thus far. Russell Wilson weighs in at 5-foot-11, 215 pounds and Michael Vick was drafted at six feet, 210 pounds. What that says is that Murray is right on target weight-wise for the draft.

There are only two other quarterbacks that weigh under 210 pounds in the NFL and they are significantly taller than Murray. Kirk Cousins (6-foot-3, 202 pounds) and Ryan Tannehill (6-foot-4, 207 pounds) are smaller but they are nearly a half-foot taller than Murray.

Will this affect his draft status? Probably not. If Murray can play and shows his true colors at the NFL Draft Combine, him being 195 pounds or 215 pounds shouldn’t mean much at all.

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  1. Interesting. Only time will tell if he’s affected by the extra weight.

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