Would Thunder fans drop the beef if KD returned?

There’s a good possibility that he’ll join forces with Lebron in Los Angeles, but there’s also a legitimate possibility he’ll look to return to Oklahoma City.

An underrated aspect that hasn’t gained much traction yet, are the Thunder fans and how they’d react to KD’s return if it were to happen.

At first, it was clear how Thunder fans felt; hurt and deceived. Understandable of course. Did that hurt/hate last too long? Probably so. But after a while, it became increasingly evident that Kevin Durant felt some type of way as well. As late as this week, Aug. 2 to be exact, Durant chose to speak out about something with the topic of Oklahoma City. He claimed that he was a ‘phony’ while in OKC and that wasn’t the real him. Obviously, that statement got Thunder fans all riled up.

With that being said, Thunder fans just want to be left alone by Kevin Durant at this point. When you’re trying to get over someone, constant reminders of them usually set you off.

“To heal a wound, you have to stop touching it.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 8.08.44 PM.png

I’m happy to see how the poll turned out. It would be hard to believe OKC Thunder fans, who love exciting and successful basketball, would be opposed to a top two player being on their team.

Oklahoma City won’t welcome him in with open arms. There will surely be some animosity starting off but that will subside. Kevin and Russell will be friends again, the chemistry between two aging players will be better than their younger years and things will work in their favor. Through all of that, Thunder fans will warm up to KD again. Under one condition, though, it’s Russell’s team. No doubt about it, and in the heart’s of Thunder fans, Paul George will be No. 2.

That constant reminder of what happened will always be in the back of everyone’s minds but success and time will remedy it all.

If Durant decides to return to OKC that’s just fine. It may actually be good for the Thunder. Ignore the fact that KD left and the way he went about it. What the Thunder would be getting is potentially the best player in the NBA with a much-improved skill set than years before. Thus, Durant will be even better than he was before and Oklahoma City would presumably be a title favorite in the meantime with the new big three; Westbrook, George, and Durant.

How will the team take it? Well, considering any decision of that magnitude will always go through Westbrook, George, and maybe even Steven Adams, I assume the team will approve. Just like Thunder fans, the team may give him the cold shoulder behind closed doors but when the bright lights hit, team chemistry will be pristine, like nothing ever happened.

Of course, this is speculation. KD actually just signed a two-year, $61,500,000 deal with a player option in 2019. There will be at least a year and if not, two until this even has the chance to come to fruition. Even though Thunder fans do genuinely anguish the thought of Durant, with his skill set and a championship imminent, I think they can work something out.


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  1. Interesting. It could possible happen. He does talk about OKC alot. : )

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