The Gentlemen’s Way Vol. 12: Don’t let fear or insecurity conquer.

Too often do we allow anxiety to conquer our confidence. One of the leading reasons people don’t continue progressing in life is lack of confidence or some type of insecurity they’ve developed over time.

Remember when we were kids? There was an essence of fearlessness in our souls. We were innocent. We didn’t know what life could do to us. It was a glass-half-full type of outlook on life. Let’s be real, we all thought we were going pro in something, or we thought we were going to be the world-class doctors, lawyers, successful rappers, actors, and actresses.

As we developed and learned our strengths and weaknesses, some of those things appeared increasingly less likely. Although we can attribute many of those situations to facing reality and being real with our weaknesses, there are also many cases where we got discouraged and became too scared or discouraged to bet on our dreams.

Just keep taking chances and having fun. -Garth Brooks.

Something to always think about and remember: You only have one life to enjoy and no one has perfected it. No one will ever perfect it. No one is perfect. Trials and tribulations make life competitive. It keeps things interesting. In essence, don’t be afraid to take chances. Anxiety is a natural thing, we all deal with it on some level, but don’t let it be the reason why you don’t put your absolute best foot forward in life.

You don’t want to look in the mirror at 80-something and regret the life you lived. Just make sure to maximize the time you were allowed on this earth.

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