Game 7 Preview: Oklahoma City Thunder at Milwaukee Bucks

The Thunder, on the other side, are still looking for their identity, and despite a slow beginning, they still have the potential to blow every team away on each night.

Keys to the Game

Three point defense – The Bucks are one of the best three-point teams in the league: they rank fourth at 38.4%. Giannis is a huge threat in the paint, he doesn’t shoot much from three, but the rest of the Milwaukee’s team can, and they are very good at it. The Thunder have been sloppy in covering teams behind the three points line, and if this trend continues also tonight, then they might be in trouble.

Rebound – In their first six games the Thunder struggled with rebounding the ball (25th in the league). However, the good news is that the Bucks are even worst (30th). In addition, Milwaukee will miss, due to a calf injury, also backup center Greg Monroe. With all these being said, Oklahoma City should crash the glass for every missed shot on both defense and offense. Beside the necessity of gluing on the offense, getting second-chance points might be vital for a win tonight.

Quality Shots – It’s well known that Thunder’s big threes can beat everyone on a one vs one, and they can as well score from everywhere on the floor without much of an issue, but sometimes, low-quality shots could throw the team out of their rhythm. Contested shots early in the clock are the most “damaging” ones. The players are not in a position to rebound a possible miss, the opposing defense doesn’t work, and obviously, the chances to score are less. One of the most interesting things to watch will be how the big three will improve on this aspect.

Injury Report

Oklahoma City Thunder

• N/A

Milwaukee Bucks

• Jabari Parker ( Knee – Out until at least February 1 st )

• Greg Monroe (Calf – Out until half November)

Teams Stats

Oklahoma City Thunder

PPG 106.0 – OPP PTS 96.3
FG% 45.9 – 3PT% 33.5 – FT% 72.1
APG 23.3 – RPG 41.8 – TOV 15.7

Milwaukee Bucks

PPG 104.5 – OPP PTS 103.7
FG% 49.3 – 3PT% 38.4 – FT% 77.2
APG 23.3 – RPG 38.7 – TOV 14.8

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