Russell Westbrook Invests In Website

The NBA season just ended, but the NBA All-Star and probably MVP Russell Westbrook decided to keep the work flowing off the court.

Last week, Westbrook announced his investment in Blend, a company that focuses on creating news for Generations Y & Z. Their plan is to launch an app called Genies soon.

“I don’t like to speak publicly about what I invest in, but I’m really excited about what Genies will do for the way we all share and read about news,” said Russell to Bleacher Report. “Its’s something I’ve seen change various times throughout my career and expect it to continue to evolve.”

Although Westbrook didn’t disclose the amount of his investment, Blend shared that it has raised over $10 million in capital from investors.

Russell encourages other NBA players to step up and get into business other than basketball, because, you know, there’s a life after basketball.

“All players should prepare for life after basketball,” said Westbrook. “Whether it’s investing or just doing whatever you love, you should start preparing for that in advance.”

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