OSU Commit, McKaufman Is The Recent Douglass Star To Go Divison 1

The Oklahoma State football team’s future looks extremely bright after they received a commitment from former Frederick A. Douglass High School star Patrick McKaufman.

McKaufman was probably the most versatile athletes to come out of Oklahoma in recent history and he’s decided to take those talents to a big time program in Stillwater. At 6-foot-6, 190 pounds, McKaufman has the height but lacks in size. However, size has never been an issue for head coach Mike Gundy and his coaching staff. They are known for getting the best out of each of their players and molding them into what they want. McKaufman’s height will trump his lack of weight.

The former Trojan announced his commitment on Twitter:

In 2016, as a freshman, McKaufman pulled down 13 receptions for 125 yards and two touchdowns.

As a four-sport athlete, he had the opportunity to play with many of Douglass high school’s best athletes including both Stephen Clark on the Trojan basketball team and Deondre Clark on the football team. Both of the Clark brothers now play Division 1 sports. While they tore up the headlines in their four years at Douglass, McKaufman was busy perfecting his craft. Although he was Douglass’ starting quarterback throughout his high school career, the Clark brothers and upperclassmen on the football team overshadowed him. It wasn’t until his last two years that McKaufman had all the attention on him while gaining notoriety statewide.

Patrick talked briefly about his experience playing behind both Stevie and Deandre in high school, along with other athletes:

Growing up behind Stephen and Deondre was a great experience. They both were great people on and off the court and the field. No matter what I did it was a constant challenge between the three of us. Although I only got to play with Stevie for a year, I learned so much from him as a player and a person. But playing with Dre was the hardest. It wasn’t hard because everyone we played against wanted to stop Dre Clark, it was hard because at practice if there was any slacking Dre spoke up and took matters into his own hands respectively, but he wasn’t alone. We all backed each other up and came together to form a brotherhood and unity that can never be broken.

McKaufman is OSU’s 16th commitment of the 2018 recruiting class and the third receiver. His versatility can help him earn significant playing time at OSU. If they need help in the quarterback department, he can step up and do that. If they need him on the defensive side of the ball, he can do that. Even on special teams, he can do that too.

OSU’s long history of recruiting and bringing in Douglass Trojans continued on Wednesday and this may have been one of their best pickups in recent history. Remember the name Patrick McKaufman, because you’re going to hear that name a ton over the next several years.

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