Video: Grayson Allen Strikes…Again

For the 1000th time, sarcastically speaking, Grayson Allen receives more flackery for yet another antic of his. For whatever the reason, Duke University and more surprisingly, the NCAA continue to let Allen’s actions fly, without any serious repercussions. This time, while diving for a ball headed out of bounds, Allen went out of his way to push a Florida State coach.

For the NCAA to be such a stickler in practically every aspect of an athlete’s life, it’s baffling that they didn’t step in after Allen’s last incident. Duke indefinitely suspended him, but it appears that “indefinite” suspension may have just been a “strict talking to.”

A slap on the wrist may be a good option for a first-time offender, but when a college-level individual, and especially a Duke-caliber of student can’t comprehend the severity of his actions like Allen seemingly can’t, there needs to be a far more strict punishment. These are all things that kids do, and when I say kids, I’m talking the YMCA league.

If the NCAA doesn’t take a stand and suspend Allen for an extended period of time, like the remainder of the season, he will continue to partake in these childish actions. In his mind, his talent outweighs his actions. And based on how Duke and the NCAA are handling this, that may be true.

Video: Grayson Allen Pushes Florida State Coach


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