Romo’s Starting Job Is Gone: It Belongs to Dak Prescott Now

The writing is on the wall and it has been for awhile in my opinion. However now, without a doubt, Dak Prescott has control over the Dallas Cowboys offense and should for the rest of the season. Perhaps for the next several years. The only question is: Will Tony Romo and Jerry Jones accept this?

Sunday night wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination a good game for Prescott, but the second half of the fourth quarter was. He saw past a Philadelphia gameplan, tailor made to throw his game off and still delivered in the end. He led his team to a 29-23 overtime win like he’s been in this position multiple times. What makes this even more impressive was his poise and patience while facing one of the NFL’s elite defenses.

This game was targetted on both team’s schedule as a game where Prescott could struggle. That obviously came true through three-quarters. He had a very poor passer rating and completion percentage, but the passes he threw in the final minutes of regulation and overtime earned Dallas their sixth straight win on the back of a rookie quarterback and running back in Ezekiel Elliot.

With Dallas now two games up on the rest of the NFC East and improving by the week, there’s absolutely no reason to make a quarterback change. This is in no way a knock on Romo’s game or ability but let’s face it, Dak Prescott looks better right now, and at the ripe age of 23, he’s better than 36-year-old Tony Romo. Not only does he have a strong arm, and uncanny vision, he has mobility and youth; two things Romo doesn’t have anymore.

This single game had a tremendous impact on the franchise and may be a turning point. The Dallas Cowboys may be a threat for years to come, just like the were 20 years ago. Dak showed that he possesses every attribute needed to be a good NFL quarterback; poise, patience, confidence, mental and physical strength, and leadership. Not to mention his natural talent playing the game of football.

Jerry Jones claimed, “Tony is not ready yet.” With that being said, Prescott will start next week against the Cleveland Browns.

When Romo is 100 percent ready to play, he will be Prescott’s backup. And if he really cares about this franchise, he’ll do it willingly, or maybe even suggest it. We all know Jerry Jones’s love for Tony, but he can still love him without starting him. It’s all about winning a Super Bowl. Although depending on Jerry Jones to make a logical decision is like depending on a car with no gas to drive, I think this may be one of the rare times he does so.

According to ESPN, Prescott is one of six rookies to win six consecutive games since the merger. The last to do it was Rober Griffin III four years ago. Romo has been great for the Cowboys, but Prescott’s upside is dangerously good. Breaking this confidence could be detrimental to Dak’s future, as well as the Cowboys.

We all know about Dez Bryant’s personality. He doesn’t like too many people and in the event he does, he often times can be overly critical. He’s the opposite with Prescott, and when you can earn the respect of the biggest personality on the team, you are doing something right, run with that and don’t look back.

With everything mentioned in this story, it’s clear that this team belongs to Dak Prescott. The return of Tony Romo this season would be 100 percent political, and the absolute wrong move by Dallas.

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  1. I am a long time Dallas Cowboy fanatic…..since 1966 and the original “Doomsday Defense”. I’ve also been a Romo fan, but Dak is the future, and the future is NOW! I enjoyed your article as always!

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