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Suave’s Perspective: Week 6 Big 12 Power Rankings

This was another confusing and controversial weekend for the Big 12 Conference. At the half way mark in this season, it’s clear that the conference just isn’t as good as previous years. However, the Oklahoma Sooners are still in the hunt to win the conference title and the Oklahoma State Cowboys can compete for a quality bowl game, or possibly even a Big 12 title if they win out and Oklahoma, Baylor and West Virginia happen to lost a game or two.

Ranking and explanation for the Sooners and Cowboys

Full Big 12 Power Rankings

  1. West Virginia (4-0), (1-0)
  2. Baylor (5-0), (2-0)
  3. Oklahoma (3-2), (2-0)
  4. Oklahoma State (4-2), (2-1)
  5. TCU (4-2), (2-1)
  6. Kansas State (3-2), (1-1)
  7. Texas Tech (3-2), (1-1)
  8. Texas (2-3), (0-2)
  9. Iowa State (1-5), (0-3)
  10. Kansas (1-4), (0-2)

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