Sims leads Wings in inaugural season-opener versus San Antonio

Clearly the biggest story of today’s game was the beginning of a new franchise in the Dallas/Fort Worth area but a few other stories unraveled as the game went on. Other than defeating the San Antonio Stars 82-77, Odyssey Sims’ homecoming couldn’t have gone better for her, a young contributor to this team was revealed in Aerial Powers, Skylar Diggins returned to the court, and….well Courtney Paris can rebound the heck out of the ball.

During the player introductions, Odyssey Sims may have had the largest standing ovation. Being from Irving, Texas, a town just a few miles away from College Park Center we all expected a pretty hefty ovation and that’s exactly what she got. Actually, her ovation may have been louder than Skylar Diggins’. It was definitely between those two.

Sims came out on fire, with the cliche first two points of the season and the franchise’s history in Dallas. That was just the start of a game that she’d eventually take over on the offensive end, finishing with 23 points on 5-14 shooting, but completed 11-12 of her free throws. A mediocre shooting night saved by stellar free throw shooting.

As for Skylar Diggins, her return was welcomed warmly by the crowd upon checking in at the 3:27 mark of the first quarter. She didn’t have the game she presumably wanted to have, scoring just one point on a free throw, and missing both of her shot attempts but it must’ve felt good, returning and competing again after suffering a nasty ACL tear midway through last season when the team played in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It was clear she still had the skill set she’s possessed throughout her professional career, but it appeared like she was hesitant, understandably so. Her cuts weren’t as quick and precise as I remember seeing them, and she avoided contact. She was even hesitant shooting the ball, as she attempted a shot about 10 feet out, that hit the side of the backboard.

She was on the bike seemingly the entire time she wasn’t in the game, just trying to keep the knee loose and what-not. She will be fine, in due time. I don’t think anyone expected her to come out in this game and score 20-plus points. I didn’t even know she was playing so that was a pleasant surprise.

Rookie guard Aerial Powers didn’t look like a rookie tonight. There were little moments where she looked a bit frazzled, but she didn’t succumb to the pressure, she performed, scoring 12 points (10 in the first half), shooting 5-9 from the field and pulling down 4 rebounds. She’s aggressive, she’s quick, and she has a knack for getting to the basket. This is just the fourth game of the season, and she looks like she’s been here all season, she’s comfortable. As a matter of fact, during the player introductions, she showed no signs of nervousness as she started saucin’ in the middle of the floor. For my old-school readers, saucin’ is a dance. The point is, she probably won’t have any problems finding her place on this team and in this league.

Rookie guard Aerial Powers.

Courtney Paris had one of her typical games, doing what she’s done for awhile now. Scoring eight points, and collecting 15 assists, five of which were offensive.

The Wings look good. Probably the best they’ve looked since the beginning of last season in Tulsa. They improve their record to (3-1) on the season and they play Atlanta on Friday, May 27 at College Park Center.

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  1. Great to hear about the former-Tulsa Shock, now the Dallas Wings. We miss the presence in Oklahoma.
    Thanks for the bringing them back to Oklahomans through The Suave Report. Thanks for the great inaugural article! I will be looking for more.

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