Heritage Hall wins 2nd straight state title

The Heritage Hall Chargers aren’t strangers to success by any means, especially in football. However, this year was a special one for them, not only because they won their second straight 3A state title Saturday afternoon, but because they won this game off team chemistry, coaching, and great technique. Although there are a few division one athletes on this team, there aren’t any “big names” like Sterling Shepard, Barry Sanders Jr. or Wes Welker.

Saturday afternoon in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Heritage Hall throttled Lincoln Christian 38-14 to win their last 3A championship before they move up to 4A next season due to the OSSAA’s private-school rule. Senior Terrell Love had a huge impact on that score by rushing for 216 yards and 3 touchdowns in his final game as a high school football player.

“What set us apart from the competition in the state was how tight of a team we were. We each love to play football but more than that we enjoy each others company. Which is key. We had this switch that we could turn on at any point in the game to bury our opponents. We always knew we would be more prepared than the other team, whether that was the scouting report, our conditioning, or our game plan We had the mindset that we were the best and went out and proved it. I think this class is one filled with dedication… Ever since we came into high school we had the goal to be the best class to come through Heritage Hall and I think we did a damn good job of helping our argument. 15-0, 27 game winning streak, only team to go back-to-back; we’re definitely in the discussion.”

Senior OL Miles Francisco on this years success.

Who can we thank for that? Well, on vary rare occasion do I see any defensive linemen push past Luther Harris and Miles Francisco (yes there’s relation) on the offensive line, making it easier for an already very talented Love to run, and gave Blake Adams enough time to throw the ball throughout the season. Not to mention, Tevin McDaniel ran for 103 yards in this game, 65 of which came off a beautiful option play that put the Chargers up for the rest of the game. They ran for 398 yards for the game.

Heritage Hall will graduate 19 seniors, but don’t think next year will be a rebuilding year or a “down year” for the Chargers, because they have a very talented returning class.

With a offense like Heritage Hall’s, many seem to overlook the defense but lets not forget about those guys. In this game, they held the high-powered Lincoln Christian offense to 14 points, and also held Boise State commit Micah Wilson who threw 54 touchdowns all year, to 15 of 33 passing for 199 yards and two touchdowns, one of which came early in the game and the other coming late. Not to mention, Wilson only threw one interception all season, but threw his second in this championship game.


Heritage Hall ended their season (15-0) and currently hold the longest winning streak in the state of Oklahoma at 27 wins dating back to last season.

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