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The Golden Statesman

No KD? No problem. Golden State is simply reminding everyone that they never needed Kevin Durant. After all, they did go 73-9 with pretty much the same core group of players. And whether you like it or not, Draymond Green has been leading that charge in Durant’s absence. Saturday night’s game 3 against Portland was ...

Loyalty is near extinction: A Boogie Cousins story

The NBA's loyal are dwindling. DeMarcus Cousins was the latest to lose that description.

Real plus minus vs Warriors: Westbrook doesn’t go quietly into his good night

The Oklahoma City Thunder went down last night to the Golden State Warriors 107-111  in a must-win game for the Thunder and their hunt for a playoff spot.

Westbrook Couldn’t Beat Golden State Alone, Bench Disappears

Westbrook's urgency exemplified OKC's current predicament but his teammates lacked that same urgency and now the Thunder may be looking at a first round matchup against Golden State. #ThunderUp

Durant Gets His Ring, So Does McGee And West

343 days after Kevin Durant set the NBA community on fire with his infamous decision to depart from the Oklahoma City Thunder, he won a championship with the team that knocked him out of the playoffs last year, the Golden State Warriors. However, Durant wasn't the only NBA veteran yearning for an NBA title. Javale ...