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Five Facts: The Kevin Durant Edition

Snake, coward, cupcake, soft…just a few of the more appropriate names that Kevin Durant has been called since the summer of 2016. In an unprecedented move, Durant left for a team that beat his Thunder in the playoffs and subsequently won two championships with two Finals MVP awards. This led to an outrage and mass […]

Legacies Worth Honoring

In a twelve month span, we lost two monumental legends. When Nipsey Hussle was murdered in March of 2019, it changed the landscape of hip-hop and awards shows. Meek Mill released his single Letter to Nipsey, the BET Awards gave a segment to his memory, and more. Hussle’s phrase, “The Marathon Continues” was heavily adopted […]

Five Facts: Thunder vs. Spurs

Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder got back at the Spurs for that L they took on February 11th by destroying San Antonio 131-103. Lu Dort, Steven Adams and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander had themselves some very impressive individual games that translated to a solid team win. This was a game that saw CP3 sit back be […]

Five Facts: Black History Edition

One of my favorite things about black history is the impact that African-Americans have had in sports. Some of the most groundbreaking athletes have been black and they have been the trailblazers for some of our heroes of today. Normally I would be breaking down the latest Oklahoma City Thunder game and giving facts about […]

Five Facts: Fifty Games In

With just over a third of the regular season left to go, the Oklahoma City Thunder are looking stronger and stronger week by week. Holding firmly to the Western Conference’s 7th seed, this season is shaping up to be better than anyone expected. Even the most logical of basketball aficionados didn’t predict that the Thunder […]

Dear Kobe

Dear Kobe, I still remember my earliest memories of watching you play for the Lakers. Seeing you and Shaq bring my hometown three straight titles in a style of dominance that not many teams could have ever attempted. Seeing the birth of the Black Mamba, the switch from no. 8 to no. 24. The different […]