Meet the Suave Report team!

Addam M. Francisco: Founder, Editor-in-Chief.

Addam Francisco, 26, founded the Suave Report as a blog in 2015 after it was clear his college basketball career was over. Suave Report started as a small blog, on Since then, Addam found a way to incorporate his love for culture and fashion into his website, which has developed it into what it is today. Last year, Addam fit Suave Report under his LLC, making it an official business. Though he can’t disclose what long-term plans he has for the website, just know that he hates staying stagnant and always looks to grow. Follow Addam in Instagram and Twitter.

AJ Bussey: Sports & Culture writer.

AJ Bussey is a Los Angeles, California native currently living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In 2013 AJ graduated from Hillsdale Baptist College (now Randall University) with an associates in general studies. In the summer of 2016 AJ graduated with a degree in Occupational Studies with an emphasis in personal training. A lifelong athlete, AJ played 3 years collegiate athletics and recently retired from minor league football in June of 2018. Currently AJ is launching his own business (9ineTwo5ive LLC) in addition to being a sports and culture writer for The Suave Report. In his spare time, AJ goes to the gym, studies new cooking recipes and enjoys video games. You can follow AJ on Twitter and Instagram.

Megan Hines: WNBA, NBA writer.

Megan Hines is a Southern California native from Los Angeles, CA. The 23-year-old dabbled in basketball and volleyball in middle and high school. Her first fan experience at an NBA game happened in 2010 in Washington D.C. when the Utah Jazz blew the Wizards out. She frequently went to Los Angeles Sparks games throughout her childhood in which she found a love for women’s basketball. Through writing, she hopes to bring more coverage to the women’s game in her role with The Suave Report. She indulges in cooking, podcasts, reality television, crafts, and the dance community. You can follow Megan on Twitter and Instagram.

Jonathan Goudeau: NFL, UCO writer.

Hello! My name is Jonathan Goudeau aka JG Smooth host of the Cho Show podcast and writer of the 4 Downs series. I am a recent graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma and work part time at OKC CBS Sports Radio. In my free time I like to watch sports, spend time with family, play video games and cook. My speciality is fish. Feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat at jonathangoudeau.

Alberto Bodei: NBA writer & editor.

Hi everyone, my name is Alberto Bodei! I was born and raised in Italy, but since 2012 I’ve lived in Berlin, Germany. I grew up watching and playing basketball as much as possible. A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to write about it, and now here I am in the great Suave Report family. My other big passions are football (aka soccer for the USA), music (I play in a punk rock band), good food, and travels.

You can follow me on Twitter @AlbertoBodei and Instagram @Al_Reno82

An aspiring writer from Perth, Western Australia, Australia who has a passion for telling stories of greatness inside the crazy world of sports.

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